Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Survivors to Stem the Zombicide Horde

I had a parcel arrive earlier this week, but was unable to snag it from the post office til this weekend.

The latest wave of the Zombicide Craze has landed! Now even more survivors have emerged to eradicate the Zombie menace.

Survivor Pack 3 consists of Achille the Serial Killer, Chuck 'Momma's Boy', Mack the Car Salesman, Smith - Dog of War, Mike - the Miniature Sculptor & Gary - the Misfit

The Moustache box contains Rob - The Security Expert, Frank - The Repo Man, & Don - The Civil Servant.

The individual characters are Helen the Federal Agent (Where's Mulder?), Fred the Trader, Will the Game Designer & Ross the Manager.

I also snagged 3 of I believe 4 of the Special Guest Character packs. These characters are Padre Johnson, Bones, Uncle Honk, Mitch, Angry Mary & Red Cap Ben.

Good thing the weather is finally warming up, as these will be wanted to join the painting queue!


  1. Very jealous! Are these Kickstarter exclusives or can us lesser mortals pick them up?

    1. Michael, I don't believe any of the figures are exclusives. Will need to go back to the Kickstarter to be sure. I imagine these will be available on CoolMiniorNot once all the backers have received theirs.