Monday, March 3, 2014

Yo-Ho-Ho 5 more are done!

This weekend was a pretty much stay indoors kind of weekend. This is great for getting stuff worked on in the basement, however not so good for priming or matte spraying.

Regardless I managed to matte spray in the crawlspace quickly before heading off to work today. Not something I want to make a habit of.

So here are the next 5 Pirates completed.

First up is a metal Old Glory & another of the plastic Weapons & Warriors figures.

Followed by my first female Pirate which I believe is Foundry, a Foundry Navigator, thanks to my parrot for providing me the colour scheme of his, & lastly another Old Glory metal.

This leaves me with the Captain & 1 more crewman to finish this crew. I am also working on the Scotland Yard Constables for In Her Majesty's Name. My goal is to complete 2 companies so that I give those rules a whirl. I also have the Pulp Alley rules to give a play as well.

It's off to the club tomorrow night where Dave is running Bolt Action.


  1. Nice subdued plaid. Your stick-with-it-ness on this project is admirable!

    1. Thanks Bob, hopefully you will give this game a try at Mayday!

  2. More great work, but that Captain is a triumph!

    1. Thanks Michael, I am really fond of the Foundry pirates I have. I did this fella up as a Navigator instead of the Captain, as you shall see when I am finished said Captain. It was a hard decision as generally the Captain has the parrot, which is especially fun in the Pirates ruleset, wherein the parrot can take a hit for the Captain.