Tuesday, March 25, 2014

WW1 German Armoured Car and of course...Pirates!

Another good weekend of painting has seen me complete a WW1 German Armoured Car & some more pirates.

I picked up this 28mm resin Armoured Car on Ebay.

There were 2 of them up for auction, I managed to snag just the one.

It's comprised of just the 1 cast piece, as in the turret is fixed unfortunately, but hey, with all the other MG's protruding everywhere, I can live with that.

As well a couple more Pirate crewmen are finished. The astute will notice that one of the blighters is missing a foot. Eventually when I do my next batch of bases with green stuff I will work a foot into the deal for him.

Both are metal figures, I am not sure of the fella on the left, but the right hand is Old Glory.

There are a few more Pirates in various stages of painting, as well as the Scotland Yard Company for IHMN. I have also prepped the Society of Thule Prussian Company.


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    1. Thanks Michael, I was hoping to win the second one as well to have a matching pair. Perhaps another will become available down the road.

  2. Give the pirate a peg leg - it comes with the job ! good painting,

    1. Hi Dannoc, I thought about it, but then I looked at all the Pirate figures I have who are already peg-legged I am thinking I could do a whole crew of them, which I likely will down the road, just for fun

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