Monday, March 31, 2014

Arrgh Not Again!

Another weekend has come and gone, so its fitting to find some more Pirates grace my blog.

Both are metal, the one on the left is I think Eureka, while the right hand is another Foundry. I made this legless fellow a Navigator.

As well, I've completed the Chief Inspector from my Scotland Yard Company for IHMN. I was hoping to have the Detective (Sherlock Holmes) completed as well, but a topple forced a re-glue onto his base

I definitely need to work on patterning my clothing. This poor bugger looks like he was splattered with paintballs.


  1. Fantastic figures. The pirates are nicely coloured and the chief inspector looks greart, you've picked out the detail on his breast well and I wouldn't worry about the pattern - his coat looks nicely subtle.

    1. Thanks Dannoc, I've been trying to follow the painted figures on the back of the company box. Alas I am not a good a painter as Mr. Dallimore, but its fun trying new things...funner when they work!