Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Adventurers Pyramid of Horus at EWG

Tonight Scott brought out one of the Adventurers Games. Dave, Larry & I joined him for some pyramid treasure hunting.

I myself have had these Adventurers games for some time, though have never played them.

Scott reads the rules to the unprepared tomb robbers.

The tomb itself is broken down into several zones. Each having their own decks of cards to draw from. Our first intrepid adventurer sets off into the Rubble area, his searching earning him 2 snake bites.

As cards are drawn, treasures looted, & wounds taken, they begin to bog the players down limiting how many actions they can expect to take. The more loot & wounds, the higher the dice rolls needed to perform actions.

As we delve further in, huge stones begin to fall from the ceiling, blocking squares. 

Movement is strictly forward, back, left or right. No diagonal actions are permitted. Things are not looking good for Scott, as the blocks have him penned in between 2 of the mummies. The mummies move based on dice rolls. A touch of the mummy is a wound that cannot be healed.

As more rocks fall, it becomes time to beat a hasty retreat. If the entrance is blocked & your still inside...your finished. Our first game, both Larry & I made it out just in time. Larry won with 2 extra treasure points than I had.

Each character has a special ability that will assist them in their delving.

It was a fun little game, with some interesting strategies...as well as blind luck. It took us about 45 minutes to play. One main thing we learned, was the rubble area at the beginning has the potential to provide you some items that can be used to assist various actions further in. The figures are nice sculpts, made of soft plastic. It was noted how they could be easily used for other games...a draw for most miniaturists!

I will be playing this game again at Scott's on the weekend & have already pulled out The Adventurers: Temple of Chac to give a play as well.



  1. That looks very interesting. Any chance of some close-ups of the mini's.

    1. Hi Bob, sure I will take some time tonight to snag photos of the figures from both of the Adventurer Games for you. Will post them on my blog when done... so stay tuned!

  2. Terry - do you think these would these appeal to 10-12y kids? Easy to grasp and entertaining enough?

    1. I certainly believe so Dave, apart from the opportunity that would allow them to paint a couple figures with dad & then play them in an Indiana Jones type game, what is there not to like. Some neat mechanics with the card to load limit ratio. Randomness with falling blocks makes for a quick fun game. We ran it twice ad David mentions below at about 45 min each. I will be bringing the Temple of Chac to the next club night if you want to give it a try before you buy

  3. I am the Dave that played last night. This game would easily appeal to 10-12 year olds. I have a 12 yo daughter and I think she would enjoy playing. The mechanics are dead-simple and there is a lot of fun with the randomness of how things unfold.

    I had a great time playing. We managed to get two games in last night - both a blast.

    1. A blast as long as your not the guy who gets stuck behind the blocks! I am seriously thinking of having the mummies progress along all 3 tracks vs the small one they currently do. They were too predictable & thus we had noone recieve the Mummy's touch!