Thursday, November 23, 2017

Congo at the Club

Our last club night saw Bruce once again bring out his Congo stuff, for another 4 player romp. This time he had larger forces for each of the players & we got to try out the Witch Doctor spells. Alas I did *poof* in a puff of smoke on my 3rd spell.

The centre objective, guarded by some natives

Bruce had some old Airfix Zoo animals which he has painted up, this Giraffe is one of them (though scale wise it would be a baby giraffe)

A good portion of my forces move towards the objective

Some of one of my opponents

Who are approaching another of the Airfix Animals...gazelles!

The Colonial Soldiers make good time towards the objective

At the far end of the board, the Slavers engage some natives

Withering rifle fire has whittled down the objective defenders

My Cannibals with Witch Doctor in tow engage a group of soldiers

After dispatching the soldiers, the cannibals move into the objective area against the leaders group of white men & force them to flee into the open

Another view of the same moment

One group did manage to get the treasure off the table, but they were dogged the whole way & an amazing last minute rush by Tarzan & his troops almost won the day.

I also finished another Black Plague Zombie 

As well as the Mummy from the Servants of RA set

I have the remainder of the Servants of RA figures on the paint table as well as some more Black Plague Zombies & Star Wars Imperial Assault figures.


  1. Great to see more Congo action Terry and lovely work on the zombie and mummy too.

    1. Thanks Michael, I've enjoyed Congo immensely when Bruce has brought it out, so much so that I went & took the plunge to buy into it myself.

  2. Cracking looking game and great job on this weeks completed painted miniatures.

    1. Thanks Simon! The remainder of the Servants of Ra set are now drying from the army painter dip & will be posted likely Sunday as its a day of gaming tommorrow