Sunday, July 16, 2017

Frostgrave Campaign - Game 6

Today we played a modified game of the Living Museum. It was also our first game using the Ulterior Motive cards.

Scenario -  Under CONSTRUCTion

The warbands have come upon the neighborhood of an eccentric Enchanter named Uzbek. In the centre are the ruins of a manor, within which are 6 large statues, a treasure sitting before each of them. There are also 4 man sized statues spaced between them.

The manor itself seems to have had some barricades & repairs done to it, the ruins nearby stripped of usable resources.

If any treasure is moved by spell, or person, all the statues animate, as they are in fact some of Uzbek's constructs. When activated, un-engaged large statues will pick up treasures that lay before them. Otherwise the statues will engage any opponents.

A dice is then rolled (the number based on entry points), whatever number is rolled will determine the exit point the statues will head for with the treasures, thus trying to remove them from the game. The large constructs are not encumbered by the treasures, however they suffer the combat penalty & terrain penalties to movement.

Any of the other statues, will engage anyone within 10", but otherwise make towards the exit point themselves.

If a statue is destroyed, it drops the treasure. If any dropped treasure is picked up, a new construct will appear from the ruins (roll d10 & direction dice). This will occur every time a treasure is dropped & again picked up.

To determine the size of the summoned construct roll a d6
1-3 Small
4-5 Medium
6    Large

Any of these summoned constructs will be encumbered by the treasures as normal.
Any of the original large constructs slain by a warband earn 25xp each.



The Ulterior Motives that were in play were 'The Drawing Knife', 'The Courier', 'Emerald Eyes', 'The Hunter'.

Post game saw the following;

Bob the Elementalist - 265xp, No Treasures. Bob - Lost Toes, Timmy - Psychological Scars, Tofer Killed.

Ludwig - 410xp, 40gc, +1Damage 2 hand weapon. 

Innovar - 170xp, 60gc , Grimoire - Illusionary Soldier, Darce- killed, Perp - miss game

Eben - 445 xp, No Treasures, Marshman - miss game 

Thanks to the guys who made  it out & we were sure to finish before Game of Thrones!


  1. Wonderful fun Terry, I do enjoy your Frostgrave games.

    1. Thanks Michael! I guess I will need to keep it up then!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Simon, most are, you can see how quick the Turn numbers appear as warband members dwindle. Turns go quite quick when most bands are down to just Soldier phase!

  3. Excellent looking game, fun to read, poor Bob :-)

    1. Thanks Yoshimi. Don't feel too badly for Bob, he has a habit of hanging back & using Elemental Bolt from afar. As well he has been in the lead level-wise for the past 3 or 4 games.

  4. Very nice looking battle report. :)

    1. Thanks Pulp. I keep meaning to take more 'story' photos, but get caught up in all the excitement!