Sunday, July 2, 2017

This is only a TEST

Before our last game of Frostgrave, Craig was over first & we had a chance to chat about gaming stuff. One of the things we discussed was how the brown carpet squares I have look quite like cobblestones. So with that being said I proposed to do a 'test' on one of the squares to prove the theory.
Image result for this is only a test

I also noticed a week or so ago, some folks discussing options for cobblestones on the Frostgrave Facebook page. Now I already have my Lexar sheets, however these are expensive (unless you can snag them on an after Christmas sale). Of course these do not cover my games table. 

Here is the original carpet tile

After the application of watered down Woodland's Scenics - Slate Grey. The intent was to get the colour down deep. Allow to dry for a day.

So after just doing that, here it is shown with my Lexar cobblestones. It could go just with this I think.

I persevered however & did drybrushings of Charcoal Grey / Rain Gray / Yellow Ochre

Here is the completed tile in comparison to the Lexar. It does appear quite brown in this photo.

But when displayed against original carpet pieces...

Now I had gotten my pieces of carpet for free, as they were off to the landfill otherwise. It took 15 pieces to cover my games table (Ping Pong). I think these do work quite well & when looking at scale, do in fact make for a more realistic cobblestone size for 28mm figures. So that completes this TEST. Hope you find it inspirational or useful while working on your projects.



  1. Nice idea. Looks good. I have been after some Greenish ones for ages a club I gamed at a few times has a set and they work really well and are easily stored.

    1. Yes, I keep mine flat on a shelf. But after finally laying them out & deciding what was needed, I am giving the remainder to guys from the club.