Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Pulp Alley in the Congo

Bruce brought his Congo figures out the the club & we used the Pulp Alley Rules. The scenario pitted 4 factions looking for an ancient statue. In order to discover the statue, 2 plot points needed to be completed.

The plot points closest to me consisted of a camera crew

And Tarzan

Amongst the tents was another plot point. A bound woman which one of the factions rushed too immediately.

Alas the Celtic Knot was too much for Chen & he spent most of the game trying to complete it.

My group moves towards 2 plot points.

The first one completed, we moved towards Tarzan, but found it contested by Wiley.

The warriors are moving towards the statue which has been found with the completion of a second plot point. Chen is still trying to solve the knots.

As we near the end, Wiley finds his entire warband downed. Not looking good for him.

I was able to begin the last turn holding the initiative, so I went first & completed the Major plot point, thus ending the game.

This was our first game using Groups of minions. It seemed to work well. Looking forward to playing more of this system. Thanks Bruce for bringing it out.


  1. Seems like a fun game system. Look forward to more reports.

    1. It is a fun system, quite quick games as there are turn limits, though it can be expanded through a rewards card. I would be interested in comparing the 7TV rules which i don't own....yet