Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Heading into the CONGO at EWG

Last night Bruce brought out a 4 player game of Congo. We had 2 sides with 2 forces each. The goal of the White Hunters was to bag the Gorilla 'Kong' while the natives were trying to prevent Kong from being taken.

Play is controlled by a small hand of cards for each side, which have various actions the card will allow as well as an initiative number. The highest number performs their action first. The actions on the cards were Movement, Shooting or a drum which can either remove or cause a stress token on a unit.

The defenders of Kong go first.

Followed by some of the scouts for the White Hunters. These guys got into the woods & remained there the whole game.

The gorilla Kong in his lair.

A clash of native troops. Troops varied in quality, some having great shooting skill or a good melee. Combat in melee was fairly simple, with the number of unprevented hits being compared. The higher was the winner & the loser usually withdrew a short move & received a stress counter.

Units were limited to a maximum of 4 stress tokens before becoming totally ineffective. As well stress affected random abilities, some were less movement, less dice shooting or melee.

My force was decimated, by the end of the game I was down to 2 lone Askari's. The White Hunters were prevented from attaining victory. 

We didn't use any witchcraft in this game, though my conversation with Bruce about it has me looking forward to giving it a try playing King Flatulent of the Pygmy Tribe.

Thanks Bruce for bringing this out, I believe we all enjoyed this light hearted game. 


  1. It looks like you had a blast. I thoroughly enjoy it as a rule set and the witchcraft is often hilarious fun.

    1. Yes I would agree, I may indeed need to buy into this system, as it will easily allow for Pulp Alley games as well, love figures I can use in other systems! I laughed when Bruce was explaining the Pygmy Witchcraft Flatulence spells.