Monday, November 6, 2017

Star Wars Imperial Assault - Jabba's Realm Heroes

With Zomtober passing, its given me an opportunity to get a couple more of my friends figures painted for his Star Wars Imperial Assault game.

This time around it's the 3 heroes from the Jabba's Realm expansion.

Shyla Varad - Daughter of Manadalore

Vinto Hreeda - Reckless Vigilante

Onar Koma - Furious Bodyguard.

All are excellent sculpts for soft plastics. Very dynamic poses

These are two of my favorite figures thus far!

Tomorrow night is club night, where Bruce is going to run a game of Congo. So photos will follow likely on Wednesday night.


  1. Absolutely splendid Terry! I have these, but sadly they are no where near the painting queue at present.

    1. Thanks Michael, I hear you. These aren't my figures, they are for a buddy. Mine are like yours, in a very long queue

  2. These are really nice figures. I do love this game.

    1. Thanks Fred, I would certainly like to play it more. Brent, you listening?....

  3. I am listening - and ogling your figs. Very well done Terry - love your stuff as always. It's painfully good.

    I love this game as well, we play all the time. I will play this game just about anywhere anytime.

    Terry if you want I could bring up a scenario for the Retreat weekend. I will just bring one or two scenarios - not my whole collection.