Monday, March 9, 2020

Chaos Beasts Herdstone

This past Sunday's painting consisted of completing the Warhammer Chaos Beasts Herdstone.

This plastic kit was a fairly simple build, though I did have to do a bit of putty along the side seams.

There were a couple of small pieces I didn't add as I needed to have this ready for Sunday's game. I will likely add a bit of rusting to the chains to finish it off.

As is typical of GW products..there is a multitude of skulls, though I suppose with the theme, it does work. There are also numerous weapons laying about the base.

The firepit, consisting of burning skulls, I tried to use some yellow on the inside walls to show the glow.

 Lots of details on this kit, which took me my whole painting session to complete. 

With our next Campaign game this coming Sunday, I hope to get a few more Barbarians completed.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Joe! Stay tuned for our next AAR, this will be a featured piece!

  2. This looks great. What a centre piece it will be on the table.

    1. Thanks Simon! Will need to delay the game until next month due to some issues with a couple of the players. Real life can do that. But it will definately be the centrepiece!

  3. Wonderful detailing and the great sculpt certainly deseres it/. I did a double take on the firepit too thiking it was a fairy lifgt sort of thing.
    You must be well pleased with your efforts.

  4. GWS sure does cool looking stuff once in a while. I dislike all the skulls all the time, but overall nice models.
    Nice paint job Terry, yer right - need some rust/weathering in the chains. Love the yellow runes.


    1. Thanks Brent, I have since added some rusting to those chains...way too shiny for that shrine!