Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The Adventurers - Temple of Chac

For our club night, I brought out The Adventurers - Temple of Chac. Dan, Bob & I played.

Yes before we begin, I still need to paint this set up! So here is the Temple of Chac...very Indiana Jones & even has the huge rolling rock.

We start by entering the Wall Room. Each turn, 3 cards are flipped to see if the walls move inwards. At the same time, the rock will begin to roll on its course to eventually sealing the temple. In this first area, we can search for treasures in each of the 4 rows, as well as decipher a glyph for use later in the Lava Room. The glyphs deciphered will show those which are trapped.....the hard part is remembering what they are as you only get to look at it for 5 seconds.

So we got through that area easily enough, the boulder is beginning to roll.

Dan made the mistake of running back into the wall room to decipher a glyph, but was caught by the boulder. First death...

I then stepped on a trapped tile & plunged to my death in the lava!

Each player has in effect, 2 characters. Should the first die, the 2nd can enter once the boulder opens the secret way. Both Dan & I brought in our 2nd characters....however Dan stepped on another trapped tile. Meanwhile Bob was hugging the boulder corridor trying to pick the locks on wall vaults.

Bob ran across the old wood bridge, 2 of the boards shatter... Bob manages to get out. Thus ended game 1.

We set up for a 2nd game. Once again at the entrance. Of note is that each of the characters has a unique skill that can be used once during the game.

Woah! The walls enclosed much faster this time around!

I run ahead to reveal the lava room tiles.

We did quite well in the lava roo, until Dan stepped on a trap.

 Just our luck, with Dans return, he rolls enough for the boulder to take out both Bob & I. Oh did I mention, when you die, all your treasures are lost too.

 This round, we all had to hit the river to try to get ahead of the boulder....alas no such luck, we were all trapped inside.

OK third times the charm. Here we go again

Once again, Dan finds the trapped tile.

The boulder took a long time to get around, giving us all lots of opportunity to snag treasures & make for the exit.

Poor Bob, didn't quite make it. On the last turn the boulder crushed him...I think we could see his arm reaching for the exit from under the rock.

Thanks guys for coming out. This is a fun little game, that took us about half an hour to play a game.


  1. That looks like an absolute blast, if not a little frustrating at times.

    1. Thanks Michael, the mechanics of dice make it hard to figure the best plan. Bob never once ventured onto the lava tiles, preferring to roll lockpick checks on the boulder corridor.

  2. Looks a great fun game, especially if played with a sherbet or two.

    1. Thanks Zabadak, I have both the games from this system & still hope that perhaps one day someone will grab the license & make more! Simple, fun games where you don't want to be too serious.

  3. Great stuff Terry! I have this game as well and think it's a blast 😃 Do you have the other Adventurers game Pyramid of Horus? I think that one is even better than Temple - we changed the mechanics of the mummies a bit so they don't just stay along the walls.

    1. Thanks Ivor, yes I have both & agree that the Pyramid seems the better game.