Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Frostgrave - Barbarians...of course

I had hoped to have had these 2 done on Sunday, however I got the call to head into the office to grab the surface pro & monitors so I could set up to work from home. That pretty much ate my Sunday afternoon. 

However now that I am home, I am able to spend a bit of time during my lunch hour to get some paint on them.

Here are the next 2 barbarian figures for Frostgrave, from the Northstar Miniatures Plastic multi-part set

I built them as a Trap Expert & Man at Arms version. A Trap Expert you say? Well its plausible that someone will want to play a Barbarian band & lets face it, their hunters would need trap skills to snare & trap game.

So as we continue to Physical Distance ourselves, I have a great many more Barbarians to come.