Sunday, April 25, 2021

BEF - First Squad Reporting, New Arrivals in Cherbourg & Mustering the Troops

I managed to finish off the Bren Team for the 1st Squad of my BEF force. This consists of a 3 man team.


And here are the happy lads all together.

 I also recieved the first of my reinforcements from a couple orders I did with Warlord Games. I did this first order consisting of 4 rifle squads

A command Blister & BEF AT Rifle, 2" Mortar Team


A Vickers MMG, & 3x 2lb AT Guns.

As I was about to check out, they had a note about adding items to cover additional shipping costs....sure enough The Matilda II was one of the options!


So the next day of course they posted they were having a sprue I added some more stuff for the BEF force as well as a couple sprues of weapons etc. And just as before, there will be a 2nd Matilda II free to cover the shipping pains.

Now with all this done, I went through a bunch of my boxes of WW2 stuff to see what else I had.

2 Morris Armoured Cars likely bought from Ian Crouch


A 2nd Matilda I, (I ordered a 3rd one from Warlord Games to complete my troop)

3x Scout Carriers from Army Group North Miniatures

5x Mark VI B's, again from Army Group North. I will need 4, but I am hoping I can swap the weapons on the 5th one for one of the variants.

An A-9 Tank purchased from Ian Crouch

And lastly my remaining Matilda II from Army Group North.

So at some point I will need an additional 2 A-9's & a Troop of 3 A-13's & that should deal with all the armoured forces I need.

So I guess you can see what my future paint sessions will be all about, so stay tuned!



  1. Things are escalating! Look forward to seeing the force take shape!

    1. Thanks Simon, I have a couple squads of highlanders somewhere too, which seem to be camoflaged atm.

  2. Replies
    1. That will just complete the first force....still have the French, Germans, Russians & even a couple boxes of Polish squads. This wasn't a can of worms, more like an industrial dumpster!

  3. The painted squad looks excellent Terry. An army of these blokes will be a fine sight on the table and it looks like you really have your work cut out for you with all the new stuff lined up!

    1. Thanks Dai! So I guess its a bit of a competition now to see whether I get this finished before the pandemic is resolved to where we can meet at the club again or not. Vaccine supply is still quite a challenge here in Canada, so its a typical hurry up & wait scenario.

  4. The bren team are a 'must have' addition to any British force and with all the armoured suppot coming with addtional reifle sections this is going to be a superb collection !

    1. Thanks Joe! Speaking with my gaming chums, they said I went a little over the top....but then isn't that what the Tommy's do? Go over the top that is!