Sunday, April 11, 2021

BEF - Riflemen & completing a set!

As my week off comes to a close, I completed 4 more Riflemen for the 1st Squad.


As with the others & likely many of them, these are all metal Warlord Games Miniatures.


As well when I was out on the weekend, we did another stop at Giant Tiger where I figured I would take a look to see if they had that missing vehicle from the Construction series...


 They did! So I was able to snag the dump truck. While not a full size truck, this is more in line with a 1 ton


On the paint table are the remaining Riflemen, as well as the Bren Gun Team & a 2" Mortar team. Also the Matilda 1 is now put together & is getting is fresh coat of paint, before I mess & muddy it up. 


  1. Great additions to the squad and loving the little bits of detailing that really make the figure pop !
    IHave you glues their bases to another base ? If you have, was it for weight - eg. using a washer or coin?
    I must admit that I really don;t like 'high' bases, I use 1mm cards where I can fo rthe aethetic look.

    Well done fining the remaining truck too - very jealous of these excelleny vehicles.

    1. Thanks Zabadak, yes I tend to base all my figures on washers for weight & to keep somewhat organzied on magnetic sheets I have in the drawers. As mentioned in an earlier post I will be going with just washers or the thinner bases I am seeing in the newer Warlord kits (just picked up another BEF squad on the weekend) As you say I may use a thin cardboard cover for the hole prior to the mounting of the figures, just to hide it.

  2. Great stuff Terry! That truck really sizes up well.

    1. Thanks Ivor, was good to find it to add to the Apocalyptic collection

  3. Great new additions to your BEF!
    That truck was another great find as well. I tried hunting for similar where I live but the local Walmart just didn’t have anything that would work.