Monday, September 20, 2021

Stargrave - Back to the Homokanis

Seems like its been quite some time since I've posted. I have actually been busy on a side project, doing some test printing for some undisclosed 3d printed tiles for a company I've been purchasing files from.

So with that bit out of the bag & also trying to get a batch of stuff primed, as the temps are beginning to change on us already, I did get a couple more of the Homokanis figures finished.


These 2 are just more of the typical grunt troops for the force


Sadly starting to see a bit of milkiness from the matte oversprays as our temps are all over the place. I may need to just move to a painted on version. I beleive there are 2 more figures from this set to complete it. I will also be making a bunch more bases to support many of the other 3d resin printed figures I made earlier this year. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Two more excellent poses and fitting paint jobs to go with the rest of the team. Hope you get to show us those secret prints in the future sir!

    1. Thanks Dai! Yes once I get the good word from the company I will be sharing them...which means I better get cracking on painting them!


  2. Two more fine addition to your crew. They are both lovely sculpts. Looking forward to seeing a group shot when there band is complete.