Friday, September 24, 2021

Stargrave - Cargo Haul!

Just a quick post on a bunch of small cargo container from LV427 Designs I printed on my FDM printer as I was near the end of a spool. Normally these would get printed on my resin printer, but just for fun, I thought 'why not' & used the left over filament.

 Here are the first 3.


Again, doing these have allowed me to delve into my many decal sheets from past model kits. As well I was able to save & scale down several images from the net for things like Warning signs & labels.  Then I started thinking about some company logos. So who better than Weyland Yutani & Zorg for starters! (There are no Weyland logos on these 3) Those who look close will see the use of ww2 german license plates used as lot numbers. Of note on the printed items. I affix them to white glue after wetting them, though you must take care with doing this as the image is easily damaged.

As for weathering them, some will say....Containers won't rust in space as they are in a vaccum....well for those folks, who is to say these didn't come from a planet surface? Besides I will also be able to use them is some Post Apoc gaming too!


You will see more of these in the near future as I paint them up to get off my paint table. I am also still involved with printing some test prints which I hope to be able to share soon! Thanks for visiting!


  1. Some of the best things come in little bundles and these fit nicely into that category - they're great and very useful in all manner of situations too !

    1. Thanks Joe that they do....from my gaming experiences there are 2 things I've learned. There can never be enough scatter terrain & there are always more Zombies!

  2. Yet more scatter terrain that will only make your tables look better sir. Very nicely done