Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Zomtober! You thought I forgot!

It's that time of year again when we focus our attentions on Zomtober, an event which i've participated in, albeit often tardy to post, that has run for several years. There were quite a few who were involved but many seem to have drifted off to other things.


However I will try to continue this cause, as it allows me an opportunity to get some more of the many Zombicide figures I have painted up! So here is my first weeks, late, figure. She is one of the plastic 1st Edition Core box walker zombies.


I am still impressed with the quality of the sculpts that this 'boardgame' produced & they will find many uses for other systems like Last Days, All Things Zombie & any other Pulp Apocolyptic systems.


I have a couple others haunting my paint table, as well as some 3d printed Space Zombies I'm working on for Stargrave's new Quarantine 37 Expansion. 


  1. Good pastel colours (another thing I can't paint)and excellent under-use of 'gore'.
    You're right though that you're one of the, now, few that are following this tradition of Zombtober. I find it fdiificult to add to my 400+ zeds even though I have at least another hundred gathering dust!

    1. Thanks Joe, I have so many zombies to do as well...that this event still provides me some impetus to get more done. Of course you can do survivors as well, so more opportunities there too!