Sunday, October 31, 2021

Zomtober - Week 5

So as another Zomtober shambles to an end, here are the last 2 figures for this years month long event.


 Again working through my Zombicide figures, these are 2 more of the core box walker Zombies.


I didn't do quite as much gore as I've put on some of my previous ones, although all Zombies will likely get the dirty hand treatment, as they delve into the living for sustenance. 

 So with the close of Zomtober, I don't think that will prevent me from doing more as I work through 'projects' - ie: I would like to finally get my 1st ed core box of Zombicide finished so I can start a campaign (I've got some ideas on how to do that, as well as will take rules from 2nd ed / Black Plague to improve on the original.


  1. I should really make sure all my zeds have dirty hands, it makes so much sense!

    1. Thanks! Though over time I suspect they will unconsiously be rubbing them on their tattered clothing

  2. Two very nice additions and well done continuing to restrict the gore !