Friday, October 15, 2021

Stargrave - In the News!

 I recently pulled out a box of my Deadzone 1st Ed Kickstarter stuff. Yes it was covered in dust. Anyway, one of the boxes I have contains a bunch of scatter terrain, which when looked at is 3d resin printed pieces. As I continue getting stuff primed for the winter painting season, here are some of the first pieces I painted up.

These 'NEWS' Kiosks are 3 sided affairs & come with a separate base. They also include the images for the 3 faces.


I then added one of my tiny printed label pieces onto the spines. Here they are with a figure for scale. These will do nicely as LOS blocks & will also see use in Core Space or any Cyberpunk gaming.


Also a couple more containers are now complete from the box as well. These were nice clean sculpts & were quick to paint.


The same 2 containers stacked to show the details on the end.


And 1 final image with a figure for scale.


Up next will be the remaining Space Zombies for my weekly Zomtober entry this weekend.


  1. Like I’ve said previously mate, the more scatter on. A table the better it looks. Love everything here!

    1. Thanks Dai, even though most games tend to take place on bombed out, barren spaces, I like the idea of doing some populated games with civilians & stuff running around. Core Space does just that with civilians who may or may not join your crew as NPC's.

  2. What great pieces of scatter terrain to get finished; I love finally getting bit from the pile of unfinished pieces ready to get on the table. They may not be much, but they're very effective- love the generic crates and the simple additionof a label makes them 'pop'.

    1. Thanks Joe, now that I've got the scaling of labels & stuff down & printed on normal copy paper, I need to go to the next level & take the plunge to make decals of these. I know it will involve removing the 'white' backgrounds & such & I think there is an image format that has that. Would hate to print out a decal sheet & have it all white behind the image. Stay tuned to see how that transpires.