Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Stargrave - Strategic Display & Fueling Nodes

Continuing through all the bits I received with my Deadzone Kickstarter all those years ago. Here I have a couple more of the add-ons that were created by Antenocitis Workshop & made of resin. However looking on their site today, some of these are no longer available in the form I got mine in. Perhaps they were originally built for Deadzone?

Up first is the Strategic Display.


This was a 2 part kit which oddly had no top centrepiece to mount the display on. 


I used some blister plastic painted black to cover that space & then glued the supplied displays all around the various monitors.


Here is an image with some figures for scale.


The second item I completed during this lunch hour hobby time was the 4 Fueling Nodes (which are still available from Antenoctis Workshop). 


These will make great little features for any hangar bay or ship ports. 


As with most of my items, i've added some printed labels to them to add some detail. The numbers came from old GW decal sheets which I have a large number of.


I am very happy with how these turned out! 

 Now I need to see about getting a ship done to use with them! As always, I thank you for visiting my blog.



  1. I like Antenoctis sculpts but they are pricey!

    Those fueling nodes are flippin cool and the addition of the GW numbers looks very natural and part of the kit

    1. Thanks Dai, at first I wasn't even sure what they were. Had to go back & look at the Deadzone Kickstarter page to see. That's when I realized these were in fact the Antenoctis items that were an add-on. A quick visit to their page enlightened me.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Tamsin! Always a pleasre to have you visit the blog.

  3. Two good additions to your scemics and with the little extras you've added they've become much better pieces.

    1. Thanks Joe! It's those little additions that make a piece pop! Just requires more time & patience. I had to use a pair of tweezers to hold the fire hazard symbol to snip the white edging...