Thursday, November 4, 2021

Last Days - Scatter Pieces

This will be my first (though some shall say 2nd if you follow Zomtober posts) display of some of the Zombie Apocaluypse scatter terrain  barricades I got off of Thingeverse from a creator named ISOpod.

These first cinder blocks are pieces that broke away from the other barricades while removing the supports. Which is all together fine with me, as it adds more clutter for visual effect!


Next up are 2 more pieces. One just a small LOS blocking bit & the other a graffitied bench. Something that could be at a bus stop.


This last larger piece is the biggest of the file set. Made up of barrels, traffic control post, cinder blocks & tires.


I am enjoying the opportunity to work with weathering on the barrels. Again I also added some printed paper signage for more detailing.


this is the same barricade, just spun around.

I have 2 more of these larger barricades on the paint table & a couple of others, which you will be seeing soon! Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Excellent extra bits and very useful for adding to existing scenic items (as you've done), the 'barricade' is also an excelent looking scenic item - of course the additional signing helps mae the whole thing that bit more believable.

    1. Thanks Joe. The advantage of pieces based on a Post Apocalyptic miniature game is that we can see things that are real (here & now) then perceive how they would look when no longer maintained. With series like "The Walking Dead" we can see glimpses of how others would see such an event. What I find most impressive with these is that they are available 'for free' thanks to other likeminded gamers who have the ability to create & share their files for 3d printing.

  2. Nice scatter terrain Terry, they all add that extra bit of atmosphere to the game board.

    1. Thanks Simon....the only thing remaining, is being able to get back to the gametables!. I expect with the pandemic, that will not likley occur until next year at this rate. Until then, its paint what I can to prepare!