Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Frostgrave/Mordheim - Stormguard Scoutpost

Today is just a quick post for one of the first items I 3d printed, from one of the first 3d file kickstarters I supported. It has been since been stashed away in a box, primed black & waiting for its moment of glory.

This terrain feature is called the Scoutpost & was part of the Stormguard Kickstarter by RM Studios. Sadly this series has since been retired by the company, though they alluded that it would be offered  during a 'future' kickstarter as an add-on. Guess its a good thing I snagged the images when I did!


Not being on the grid every waking moment, I tend to lose track of these things, however having the files I can now print them at my liesure. 

So here we have the Scoutpost. 


I added figures for scale. For the painting, I again use my preferred craft paints of Burnt Umber for the base over a black primer. Then drybrushing of Yellow Ochre, Spanish Olive & finally Sand. The sand really gives that nice final touch to finish it off.


This piece will make a great central table to offer LOS blockage as warbands battle around it.  


  1. Great looking piece, with plenty of potential to being fought over; great paint-job too btw.

    1. Thanks Joe! I've got a whole pile of these files from the kickstarter. Not sure when I will get them printed & painted. Still clearing the stuff off the paint table to try & start the New Year off fresh.