Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fallcon - Part 1

Well I am just back from a weekend of gaming down in Calgary. As I took quite a few images, I've decided its likely best to break it down into a couple posts.

I picked up Mark & headed down to Cowtown on Friday. We arrived a few hours before Fallcon launched so we could head down to Sentry Box.

Then it was off to Fallcon!

This was a banner year for Fallcon as it was the 25th Anniversary!

The game I played Friday night was a 15mm, WW2, Disposable Heroes scenario set in New Guinea. The scenario pitted Australian Forces having to either clear the Japanese defenders from being able to fire upon the road or exit 10 of their number off the end. They had 20 turns to do this.

The Australians were coming in from the far end of the battleboard.

The defending Japanese of which I was one, had a couple sections with an addition of a sniper and HMG. We spread these out so as to cover as much of the map as possible, using the hills to provide a good field of view. There were 3 zones of terrain, the light green band on either side of the road was cleared, the next band which is somewhat hard to see, consisted of high grasses. The outer band was dense jungle. The beige areas with trees provided the best defensive cover.

The Australians took their time initially and lost some time. Both sides were relegated to trying to spot one another. Eventually they got close enough and gunfire was exchanged.

It didn't take long for both sides to begin having to deal with getting pinned and losing men.

Eventually the massed Australians trying to sneak past on the left side were engaged and slowed down. This came with a cost to the Japanese however as there was only the HMG, a pinned LMG team and one rifle squad which was on the far side of the map keeping what remained of the Australian forces there held at bay.

As time ran out, it became a minor Japanese victory as they were not removed from being able to bring fire upon the road.

Saturday Morning

Chen was kind enough to volunteer to host the HOTT Breakfeast event as the original host backed out. As it turned out, the game I had signed up for was also cancelled & so I was able to get in on this.

As we had 3 people whom had never played HOTT, we decided on a large multi-army battle with 3 armies per side.

I pitted my Goblin Army against an opponent with 3 Behemoths.

The rough going hills in the centre though slowed his behemoths down enough that mine along with the beast element surged into his horde and shooters. This poor fellow had no luck whatsoever with his dice rolls. Before long my now out of command behemoth and beast were able to sunder and break the centre army. His behemoth general lost against my Blade General after he had the door closed on him. Chen tried to support his forces with his own Dwarf Hero, but the bad going prevented him from being of much assistance.

Eventually the time to shut the game down was drawing close when the game was called. Below is the field as it ended.

On the tables beside us, there was  a huge Napoleon at Waterloo venue occuring. Lots of nicely painted miniatures...and I mean Lots! I would be playing on this table Sunday.

I will post part 2 tommorrow night.


  1. Good report. Nice picts.

    1. Yes it was a fun weekend. It was good to draw some more people into the world of HOTT!