Monday, March 30, 2020

Frostgrave Barbarians Shiny & New

I've completed another 2 barbarians from the pile. The left one being plastic from the Barbarians Box set. The right hand, javelin wielding fellow is a metal figure from the Northstar Frostgrave Barbarian line.

Alas, as with most people, it seems a never ending struggle with Matt (Anti-Shine) sprays. These guys are still somewhat shiny...ugh! I find it dissapointing that companies don't stick with a proven formula. The continue to 'improve' their recipes...with the sad result that they fail.

So this leads me to ask fellow bloggers if they have a proven anti-shine product. With the current state of affairs, this may prove problematic to get, but there are a couple local stores that are still offering curbside assistance to get product.

Up next, I am almost finished a Female Barbarian Shaman/Mage. & of course many more barbarians!

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  1. These two figures look great, well detailed and very barbaric looking (good muted colour choices too).

    1. Thabks Zabadak! I will always try to choose colours that are 'typical' of a race/species/societal class. For barbarians, there would be eearthy colours from their use of hides, fur, burlap style clothing. For those of nobility, they are more likely to have the 'rich' vibrant colours.