Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And so it begins....

Well now it has come to it. The painting desk is ready for the most part..just some fiddling with the shelves & whats on them to do. Most important however is that I can now start painting my miniatures again!!!

Then it hit me. Where do I start? What should I do first? Have a plan? Just grab a box & start?....I think the last will become the norm after my first batch.

The fact that we will be playing some SAGA at Mayday, I decided it was best that I find (2 hours later) the warband I bought for this system.

So here we are with the box of Welsh that I had bought when the game launched. All the figures in this box are equal to a 4pt warband.

This closeup shows the figures split into their types..Warlord, Hearthguard (4 figures), 2 groups of Warriors (8 figures each) and a group of Levies (12 figures)

I figured I would start with the Warlord & his Hearthguard, so here they are with their bases removed & primed white.  The next time you see these fellows will be when they are completed.


  1. Great start, Terry. I imagine there was a psychological barrier to jump back into painting, with all that stock you have.

  2. Why would you remove the bases??

    1. Dave, I often remove the bases as they allow me the freedom to then choose to use a "special" base or putter around with having them standing on a rock outcrop, cobblestone street, etc. I've never been happy burying the lump of lead under flock. Let me finish them & you can decide.