Tuesday, February 21, 2012

EWG Game night 21 Feb 12

Tonight we had a good showing at the club with 3 full games being ran, but I will leave the details to Bob & just focus on the game I played in.  This evening it was a new game for us which Scott brought called War Rockets. The spacecraft we were flying were reminiscent of Buck Rogers & Flash Gordon...ahh the memories

This evenings battle pitted Scott (the host) & myself against Chen & Mark. Here Scott explains the nuances of rolling a 1. He proved it by rolling 3 in a row during the battle.

This is an image of the largest ships in my fleet

At the other end of the table Scott squared off against Mark, it was where the largest of the forces ships engaged & were eventually both destroyed.

After several rounds, I was able to eventually whittle Chens forces. Here the last of his large ships is about to explode as its crew are stunned & unable to do anything. His small ship did try to thwart its end by getting a lucky hit on my ship.

All in all a fun little game, great for a club night as the rules were simple & the dynamics easy to pick up. Of course it all comes down to the lucky dice. Each force differed in that the red ships, while slower, were better at defence, while the blue force had better speed, but weaker defence. The models were well done by Scott (as the images show) and we look forward to seeing more of this game at the club and Mayday!

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