Monday, February 27, 2012

Tim's Birthday Bash Wargaming Weekend

So Friday I loaded up the car and headed off  to Saskatoon to welcome Tim to the years that the body begins to rebel. Ahh well, he will find out in due course.

The drive was fantastic, dry highway, not too busy & this in February in the Prairies. After a quick run into the Dragons Den, I headed to Tim's to have a quick rest & chat before the festivities began.

We had a large multi-player battle of DBA in preparation for the campaign that would begin on Saturday. Here are the pics I took focussing on my part of the battle & you can read more here

With 2 Viking Player allies, it was decided I would hold the centre against the Norman Knights

Below we are disheartened to learn that the river would not be of any assistance and the Knights come barrelling across.

Surprisingly enough the battle went totally opposite of what was expected. As knights were hurled back and held at bay. The Knight General broke through but was to meet his demise. It was one of the shortest DBA games I have ever played.


On Saturday, the crew arrived and the campaign was afoot. We had to bid how many elements we were willing to lose in order to determine army choice order. I chose to start with my full compliment as did John. So we diced and I got the Pre-Feudal Scots.

Here is where the armies started on a wonderfully painted campaign map by Tim.

I decided to wait for the Spring Turn and just defended the realm to see if my predictions would pan out. Of course I had to be right & saw the Vikings land upon my shores. So the Scottish Army marched to hurl them back into the sea. Here is the deployment. It should be mentioned that the Vikings were down a couple elements from the bidding. This battle should have been a sure victory. Alas, the Vikings had brought a shaman (Kiera Sixspell) with them & her foretelling (dicerolling) would speed the Vikings to victory.

Here after a solid strategy of flanking the outnumbered Vikings, we see Kiera Sixspell waiting to aid her followers. The lesson from this battle was not lost on the Scots..

"Nevah' bet agin a Wee Lass wen it com ta dice"

As expected the Vikings followed the retreating Scots to their capital and another field battle ensued. An Emissary had been sent to the Irish (John) with promise of Wives (aka sheep) for them if they would lend a contingent. The Irish quickly agreed, however as luck would have it, they found the women (aka sheep) before they reached the battle & were not appearing in this battle. The Scots were defeated & forced into Vassalage by the Vikings.

More of the battle reports can be found here


Today Tim set up a battle using his modified rules from several different rule sets. Rather than attempt to duplicate the action, it will be easier just to read it and view the images here

It was a good weekend &  ended with playing a game of The Hobbit with Tim and his family. It was nice to finally be able to play games with Tim again. I look forward to the next gathering & will seek the aid of Kiera Sixspell!

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