Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DBA Campaign Night 2

We gathered for our monthly DBA evening a night early this year, due to Valentine's Day falling on our regular Tuesday night.

As the hosts gathered it would seem fate smiled on me this eve...or perhaps  gave my opponents a cold shoulder, cursing their dice.

We each played two games this eve.  As I trundled forward with my Classical Indians (II/3)

My first encounter was against Chen and his Parthians (II/37)

Chen attempted a sweep around his left with light horse and knights, which I countered with a holding action by my cavalry. I realized they would be a short solution to a bad situation there, so rushed forward with my main line against his knights

This is when disaster struck for Chen...a series of 1's against my 5's & 6's. His batttle line vanished under the elephants, his general seeing his forces plight threw himself under the chariot wheels.

The battle wasn't a total loss for Chen as he did manage to destroy the one cavalry he had closed the door on. Final tally 5G/1 for the Classical Indians

My next encounter was with Dennis and his Thessalian's (II/5d). The battle lines are arrayed with Dennis the attacker.

After attempting to confuse my mounted elements by riding his Lt Horse across the front of the battle line. The forces closed and fought. While his light horse were smashed under the tusks and feet of the elephants, he spear held, repulsing all of my elephants. The battle ended however as the Heavy Chariot managed to destroy a spear element. Final tally 4/2 for the Classical Indians.

All in all a good night for me, compared with my dismal first campaign night.

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  1. Way to go, Terry. I'm glad someone got some good picts.