Friday, October 5, 2012

EWG Club night 2 Oct 12

I realize its a couple days late, but life likes to intervene on things. So here is the report from the game of WAB 2.0 we played at the club last Tuesday

The scenario pitted Romas whom have just collected their tribute from a ville and were about to depart when the Germans returned to see the plundering of their village. The goal was of course the cattle & cart. The Romans had to get it off the board while the Germans tried to prevent it.

 The initial class was between some German Cavalry and the Roman Auxilia Cavalry.

After the initial clash, they were locked in melee and additional troops entered the fray. Eventually the German Cavalry withdrew and the pursuing Romans ran into a stubborn German Chieftain who locked them down & slowly destroyed the Roman Cav.

Meanwhile the archers had left the stockade & engaged a unit of German skirmishers. The rest of the Roman  line was sidestepping to keep a screen of troops between the Cattle and Germans.

Below is a shot of the German Chieftain holding down the Roman Cavalry.

The Germans were able to capture one of the cattle herds & managed to prevent the last cart from leaving the table before the end of the game. A last attempt to prevent the Germans from breaking thru left Julius Ceasar and the Standard Bearer slain, thus losing the game for the Romans

Thanks to Dave for bringing out and hosting the game.

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