Monday, October 22, 2012

EWG October Games Day

We held a games day on Saturday for EWG members. We had 9 attendes for this venue and ran 3 games.

Kevin brought out Spartacus and hosted Scott, Justin and Craig. When I looked in on it, Scott needed just 1 more influence to win. Kevin and Craig managed to make it into a 3 way tie & they had to resolve it in the arena. Scott did manage to eek out a victory.

Bruce hosted Jonathan, Dave & myself in a game of Gangsters. Each faction had hidden victory conditions, but after the femme fatales decimated the Coppers, it was all over. Dave won this game.

After grabbing lunch, I hosted Justin, Craig, Dennis Dave and Jonathan in a game of Pirates! Below is the board layout.

The objective (besides blowing one another out of the water) was to capture the treasure, rum and Cattle on an island defended by a small garrison.

It didn't take long for the cannons to start blasting away, the players learning quickly how guessing range correctly makes all the difference. Cannon balls splashed into the ocean for the most part on the first volleys.

The players also discovered the joys of running aground. Dennis was lucky enough to have his boat drift into the island. His crew started dismounting and rushing the tower...or was it the rum?

Meanwhile Craig's Sea Witches were disembarking from their grounded ship and rowing towards the dock.

 At the other end of the table, Jonathan found himself crewless, with nothing but his Captain and parrot holding off cannon shot from Dave and boarding from Justin. I believe he held off 3 waves of Pirate Crew before succumbing to the boarding my Justin. Justin then captured his ship & proceeded to sail off the board with his prize.

Dennis managed to wipe out most of the Garrison and made to batter his way thru the door. However after many losses, only his Captain made it inside. He proceeded to smash the black powder kegs stored within.

Dave managed to ram into Dennis's ship causing it to sink. His own ship heavily damaged took a shot from Craigs boat to join Dennis at the bottom of the sea. This left Craig with the only remaining ship on the board that was still crewed.

Eventually Dave's Captain was felled by shot, and although having the most points in total, Dave's demise forfeited the victory to Craig.

Thanks to all those whom came out and played.

My focus now is to prepare for my Nov 11th Game Afternoon, where I will be hosting some of the guys in Mordheim. I am already thinking that I will run Pirates at Mayday and for my Game afternoon next November as well.

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