Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fallcon Part 3

Sunday at Fallcon started off with a Flea-Market! So those whom didn't get the goods at the auction & still had some money burning holes had a chance at some more stuff! After making a few purchases myself I grabbed a coffee & waited for the next and last game of the weekend to start

The event I played was Waterloo 2015: Ney's Massed Cavalry Charge against the British Squares.

The game was hosted by Ross (seen on right with cameraphone in hand) and Doug. The rules used were General de Brigade. In this venue all the players were the French Cavalry whose goal it was to smash thru the British squares  who would be commanded by Ross.

Below is a photo of my command. I had 2 Light Cavalry Divisions with quite a few lancer units. WOOT!

The game really did start off with a bang, as the skirmishers hit my 7th Hussar Regt with 4 damage pips, wounding the general. On their morale test I rolled snake-eyes and the unit dispersed...not a good start!

Here is a shot showing the general chaos. What a sight that would be for the British standing in their squares.

One of my divisions was a Guards Division and so I left it to them to break thru the Dutch Allies squares. I had also maneuvered a huge 64 figure unit around the flank to prevent the Allied Cavalry from interrupting my charge on the Dutch.

 Here is a shot from the British side of the board.

And the aftermath! It would take a couple turns to recoup my units as both of them had blown horses. The player beside me - Jeff, had also managed to smash the second Dutch square and I believe Dave on the far end of the table had smashed one as well.

This caused them to fallback behind the front line to recoup. The battlefield was looking a lot different from the start. By this point, every British Artillery unit had be destroyed.

The hard part was beginning though as we were now coming to grips with the Highlanders and other elite British squares, but as often happens at conventions, we ran out of time. Jeff was given the nod as overall winner as he had managed to force a mounted unit  past the British lines.

Initially the rules seemed a little overwhelming, but after a couple turns became easier to grasp. I think this game was a prelude of things to come from Ross & Doug, as the title Waterloo Project 2015 says it all.

Oh before I go, I know some of you will ask what it was I picked up at the Flea-market. Well here is a photo of them.

I will post the images of the EWG meeting tommorrow.

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