Thursday, October 18, 2012

Swashbuckler at EWG Club Night 16 Oct 12

This evening Bruce brought out his old game Swashbuckler!  for us to play.

Bruce Chen and I, each had 2 figures. They are randomly placed by dice rolls at the start of the broo-ha-ha.

Players then select from the various options and plot them for 6 phases. Many of the options will require a rest after performing, so in effect players will normally get about 3 actions per 6 phases.

In the first battle, both Bruce & I had daggers thrown into our backs within the first turn. I did manage to pull a win out of this fight, though it was looking dicey as I lost one of my men early.

The second battle, we played with more of the rules, adding various stats to the characters, which makes a much more varied battle.

Chen pulled of the victory in this second bout. Without a doubt my favorite action is the ''Hat Wave" which if effective will stun an opponent out usually giving you a chance for a quick followup Lunge.

Everytime I get to play this game, there are plenty of laughs as pulling the carpet, or waving the hat can totally ruin another players plans. Thanks Bruce for bringing it out again!

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  1. That is a really fun game. It would be cool to recreate a full miniature bar with miniature tables and tankards.