Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Descent, HOTT & Mordheim

Just finished off  a couple more figures. With the temps hovering at just above Freezing & being nice & sunny, I was able to put the final matte spray on some of my completed miniatures.

In an earlier post I alluded to having received my first commission! Here is the first figure of my 8 figure job. I am doing the 8 miniatures out of the new Descent 2 set.

My first figure is Leoric of the Book.

The next are a pair of GW plastic Spiders that are based to be a Beast or Lurker unit for HOTT. I added some Greenstuff to fill the rider mount holes.

Lastly, as I got motivated again after having my Mordhiem gaming afternoon, I have started working on building what will eventually be 1 of every warband with alternates & all the Hired Swords.

Here we have a Flagellent for my Witch Hunter Warband.

My current focus is to complete the consignment, so those will likely be the next miniatures I will be posting images of. As well I have a couple Wolf Chariots done for my Goblins which need crew painted, so they will be coming as well.

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