Wednesday, November 21, 2012

X-Wing Star Wars Miniatures at EWG Club Night

Last night Dan brought out his X-Wing Star Wars Miniature game for us to see & play.

Kevin & I were playing the Rebels while Dan and Chen played the Imperials. Kevin had to duck out to join into another game once his opponent arrived, but he did get a chance to see how the game was played.

The pre-painted miniatures that come with the game look fantastic! This is a standard to which all pre-painted's should aspire too.

Movement of the ships is based on a dial which players rotate to show the maneuver & are then placed facedown so the opponent cannot see it until flipped. Movement is further simplified by the use of movement guages (alas no photo of one) which define the precise distance a ship moves & the amount it turns.

The gameplay is relatively easy and allows the players to focus more on guessing & stategizing how best to maneuver their fighters. Crew quality varies with the rookies tending to move first & shoot last (if they are still around). You can also spend points to upgrade the fighters with R2 units, etc.

Firing and evading are based on red (firing) or green (dodging) dice. The number rolled are based on range, ship type & whether or not you have a lock which allows rerolls of misses.

At this point there are limited options for ship types, but hopefully we will see many more arrivals to this system.

It was an enjoyable pick up game & this game deserves watching for those interested in space combat games.

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