Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Desert War - EWG Night 6 Nov 12

Dave brought out his Pico Armour for a Desert battle using "A Fistful of Tows 3" rules. We kept it at an introductory level as these rules were new to all of us.

Justin & I played the Italians defending along a Wadi & holding a town. The British players consisting of Guy & Scott arrived with their spanking new Crusaders hot off the boats.

Sorry for the dark image showing the players...the lighting in the room is horrendous & the onboard camera flash would oddly make the image even darker!

Justin & I set up the defences using berms & the Wadi as an obstacle. We placed our mortars & AT guns in the village.

The British swarmed one flank, bringing massive firepower against the armoured unit on our left flank. The sheer amount of firepower crippled the M13/40's and caused the remnants to depart the field.

An Italian air sortie caused some suppression on the British Armour, but only served to slow them down for a turn.

Justin attempted to take the Tankettes to swing around the British flank & go after the Artillery ( They are located top right of the image). Alas the faster moving Crusasders did manage to catch up to them & decimated them. Thus after losing 2 units, the British took the victory.

During the evening we also held a Silent Auction for donated items to drum up some funds for the club. I picked up a stack of Magazines & a couple of GW Storm of Magic Building/Objectives sets.

I will be spending the rest of the week getting ready for the Mordheim afternoon I am hosting on Sunday. I have also received my first Commission for a friend in the States, but more of that in a further post.

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