Sunday, November 11, 2012

2nd Annual Rememberance Day Gaming Afternoon

Today I hosted my 2nd Rememberance Day Gaming Afternoon. Bruce & Chen were the only two to come out for an afternoon of Mordheim Madness. Bruce had never played Mordheim before, but with his previous experience with other games, was quick to learn.

Chen brought out his Reiklander warband (which was heavy on missile weapons), Bruce selected a Skaven Warband & I played my Witch Hunters.

The first scenario we played was Wyrdstone Hunt. 4 Wyrdstone tokens were placed about the ruins of Mordheim.

Chen got off a lucky first bowshot & felled one of my zealots. He also critted the shot and got a ricochet which knocked my second zealot down.

Meanwhile Bruce's Skaven were scurrying thru the streets, managing to snag 3 wyrdstone shards.

Chen was able to scoop up the last Wyrdstone Shard

The Skaven and Witch Hunters got into quite a melee. Eventually both warbands routed, leaving Chen with 1 wyrdstone in his possession & winning the scenario.

The second scenario we played was The Thing In The Woods. We had 2 Bale Wolves haunting this area of the forest.

The Skaven spent much of the game attempting to dodge the wandering Bale Wolves. Here we see the Conga Line of Skaven making their way around a wooded area.

I sent my Witch Hunters towards the Reiklanders. My Wardog missile wall did its job. I was able to get close enough to begin charging his troops. Chen had a couple really awful shooting phases. Which then allowed for an insane melee.

The Reiklanders routed. The Witch Hunters then began making for the Skaven Sling Line.

Another mass melee ensued, with one of the Bale Wolves finally coming to grips with the Skaven rear. Feeling like cornered rats, the Skaven fled the field, leaving the Witch Hunters as the last band standing.

Thus ended the afternoon of gaming. Thanks to Chris for loaning me a bunch of his Mordheim miniatures. I had planned to have had 8 guys out for this venue, & certainly wanted to ensure I had enough warbands for those new to Mordheim.  But as it turned out,  between bad weather & other commitments I only had 2 fellows come out.

Of course playing Mordheim again, has got my interest piqued to paint up a bunch more miniatures for Mordheim...and fill out the various warbands with the options, perhaps one day having another campaign.

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