Tuesday, November 13, 2012

HOTT Campaign Update #3

Tonight we got together for another night of our HOTT Campaign.  With Mark having moved to Calgary & Bob unavailable this eve, we were down to 8 players.

Round 1 saw Scott fighting Chris
                      Dave vs Stu
                      Dennis vs Bruce
                      Chen vs Terry

Below is an image of Chen's Dwarves facing off against my Goblins.

We continued to maneuver. My command pips were nothing special, so I was often only moving 1 or 2 elements.

Chen handily defeated my Goblins & captured my Mountain space.

The results after round 1 was Scott winning over Chris & capturing a mountain,
     Dave defeating Stu and capturing a mountain,
     Bruce defeating Dennis to capture a mountain, & Chen capturing the mountain I had.

We then moved onto round 2.

 Dave attacked Chen, Stu attacked Dennis with Chris sending a contingent in support of Stu, & Scott attacked Bruce with my goblin contingent supporting Bruce.

Scott and Bruce square off & begin to maneuver.

Things were looking bad for Bruce on the one flank, when the Goblins finally marched onto the field right in the backside of Scotts troops. Things quickly went the other way, with Bruce retaining his mountain from Scott.

The round ended with Dave beating Chen & capturing his 3rd mountain!

Dennis beat off the combined force of Stu & Chris, while Bruce held off Scott with the timely arrival of the Goblins.

Dave is now on the cusp of winning the Campaign before Christmas. Guess we will have to wait til December to see if his dice cool off!

I think I should snag some photos of the other battles, so if I forget next month, someone please remind me.

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