Monday, June 7, 2021

BEF - 3rd Squad Mustering

Yesterday's paint session saw the completion of the first 3 members of the 3rd squad for my Chain of Command BEF platoon.

Here we have the squad leader & 2 Riflemen.


Yes there are repeat figures, as the BEF era British lines are somewhat limited from Warlord Games. But they do provide the heads separate so I can at least change them up (though not a fan of them)


The remainder of the squad are in various stages of completion & I expect to get through them this week during my Covid Lunch paint sessions. 


  1. Nice additions Terry. Do you have pics of the whole force completed so far yet?

    1. Thanks Simon, not as yet, once I gget the full platoon with HQ finished I will get a group shot.

  2. Another great addition to the platoon, slowly but surely you're getting there !