Sunday, June 20, 2021

Stargrave Crew - Dante's Revenge

Now that I've got my resin printer running (to use up resin which has past its expiry date). I've been printing a lot of the figures from various Patreons I follow.

So I've chosen my first crew to be one of Bob Naismith's figure sets from his Patreon.

This is the Crew of Dante's Revenge.


Used with permission by Bob Naismith

Now of note is that Bob didn't generate this crew for Stargrave in particular, so it's lacking a couple of members. As well I will be swapping out the cat for another figure. I've chatted with Bob about starting to make 10 man crews & pointed him to the Stargrave Crew generation pdf as a guide to what a crew can be comprised of.

With that being said, here are the first 3 figures I've completed. Dmitri, Rosenina (the Captain) & D8V6


Apart from the Captain, I haven't chosen the soldier classes of Dmitri & D8V6. However I expect due to Dmitir's weapon he will be one of the heavier classes of soldier.


Once I get the figures all painted, I will create my crew roster with stat's. So I will be working on the remainder of this crew during the week & then likely back to my BEF list figures.