Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Stargrave - You Have the Con.

Continuing with my scatter stuff, here are some Consoles that came as part of my Mantic Deadzone 1st Ed Kickstarter. These will see use in Stargrave, Core Space & 5 Parsecs from Home.


All are in resin.


They also came with the central console image which needed to be cut out & glued into place. 


As with most of the image stuff I print, I use white glue & then wet the image before placing. This make the glue more runny & easier to burnish.


I've got a larger strategic display as the next piece I am currently working on. Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. These all look superb, love the screens especially they really pop out at you.

    1. Thanks Simon, I just need to find some fitting chairs for them.....I believe I have!

  2. These are great looking pieces and imho could just as easily be used in a contemporary setting too.