Monday, May 2, 2022

Lv-427 Test printing

I have been doing a lot of test printing for a small outfit called Lv-427. My latest set of tiles is for a spaceship 'bridge' which has similarities to a well known Sci-fi series

 There are more tiles & those above are just a sampling

As luck would have it, Bob has dropped off some figures on my doorstep which just happened to be the perfect finishing touch to my recently printed tiles.


Since I was approached by the folks of Lv-427, I now have approx 4 photo-copy boxes of tiles printed, as well as numerous smaller scatter pieces of cargo & such, some of which I've painted & shown prior.

Now that winter is pretty much done with us, the temps are getting to where I can do more rattlecan priming (if the wind would stop for a bit)

I tend not to discuss my test printing, as I feel the photos I provide should be posted by them when they are ready to release the models, but Mark insisted I blog it! So here you go Mark! 


  1. Very nicely done and when painted will make a spectacular setup👍

    1. Thanks Matt! Now its just a matter of finding the time with all the other projects I have on the go hehe

  2. Fantastic detail and all very clever stuff Terry.