Sunday, May 22, 2022

Rangers of Shadow Deep - Infected Trees & Cocoons

As I get ready to host Rangers of Shadow Deep at my place on the 29th, I expect we may be able to complete the first 2 scenarios. Thus I needed to get some scenery pieces done.

First up is the infected trees. I did a quick variant back in March for the gaming retreat, but now that I had some time, I found some of the plastic terrain trees from the HATE game & thought they would work well.


After painting them, I added some Halloween spider web material.


Then it was onto the cocoons. So just like the retreat game, I saved a few foam peanuts from shipping & compressed them down a little to wrap some more of the webbing material around them.

Then I thought....why not repurpose those other infected trees I originally made as part of the cocoon piece. 


And another image where some of the denizens popped in.


So thats my hobby moment for this weekend. I've been digging around some of my reaper bones kickstarter figures to see what I have in there to use for the various companions...should we ever be able to get them, as we will be ranger heavy for this game.