Friday, October 27, 2023

Necromunda - Assassin in the Spire

On Thursday night we played our first Campaign game for Cinderak Burning. I ended up playing the Assassin in the Spire with Meshon. After rolling, he chose to play the defender, attempting to protect a high level individual.

He began with 4 defenders


As I was the assassin, I only got to choose 1 of my crew, who was beefed up with stims to assist with his mission. I chose Zephyr Whisperwind.


And here is what transpired!


So the game went very quickly, with only 2 turns occuring. To be fair, Meshon didn't really get to do anything, as he failed the actions, which allowed me to determine which figure was going to perform his actions. The visibility was a big factor as well, being only 3" unless you had vision goggles to add another 9". He also chose to not have the doors locked, which could have been a further hindrance to my speed. Once the alarm went off, he would recieve 2 additional crew arriving.

Hitting his leader & other crewman with hand flamers pretty much ended it for him, as that took out the 2 figures he had guarding the target. The other 2 crew outside the room, wouldn't have seen anything even if they had gotten the door open, apart from their burning leader.

Great tables to play on & I look forward to our next game for the campaign.

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