Sunday, October 15, 2023

Stargrave Campaign - Game 1 'The Escape'

We launched our 2nd Stargrave Campaign today, with 5 players taking part. An additional player had other commitments which were known ahead of time, so no last minute surprises there.

I used the basis of the Starport raid for this one, modified as you will see below.

 The Scenario:

Your first mate & you have just purchased a small rickety ship, well past its years of useful service. With what remained of your credits you sought out the desparate, vagabonds, buying them drinks as they signed on.

As you prepare to have them gather what belongings they have & meet you at the hangar, the Klaxons sound all over the station. In an instant, the busy, but generally peaceful station turns into sheer Chaos! People run in every direction, some dropping everything, whilst others take the opportunity to loot.

Gathering your new crews you make a run for the hangar. Alas your new members will only have what is with them (pistol & a knife) time to recover anything.



1) The entire crew except for the Captain & First Mate will count as Runners.

2) Lift-off: There are 5 shuttles docked between your starting edge & the opposite edge you must exit. The shuttles can each carry 4 passengers & the pilot (who is currently manning a computer station running diagnostics). At the start of each turn after the first, the primary player rolls a d20. If the result is 1-5, the corresponding shuttle fires up its engines & lifts off at the end of the turn. Any figures within the blast area (denoted by the circular ring), they will be struck by a +4 attack. Determine damage as normal, then move the affected figure directly away from the ship, a number of inches equal to the damage. Then apply actual damage at half the number rounded down plus they are stunned.

3) We Must Flee: The station civilians are making for the shuttles. Each begins d12 inches from a spawn point towards the nearest shuttle. Once 4 enter a shuttle, the pilot moves & occupies the last space, It then lifts off the following turn as above.

4) In Our Midst: The Pirates have infiltrated the station. If a player rolls a 1 for initiative, one of their hired crew is revealed as a pirate ruffian. Randomly determine which & swap his figure out for a Pirate. If a player rolls a 20 for initiative, 1 of the civilians is revealed as a pirate, chosen by the primary player.


5) Where is Security? After the civilians have been moved & loot has been placed, each player places a security bot. They will engage any pirates or those who are shooting at civilians or attempting to steal (Data or physical loot) Their weapons are not designed to kill, only debilitate & subdue, thus any hits by them count as toxin. If struck twice, they become unconcious.

Security Bot M:6, F:+4, S:+2, A:12, W:+2, H:14 (Robot, Non-Lethal, Carbine/Baton - Sedatives) 

6) They are here!: There are no random encouters, however the Unwanted Attention table is used each turn. The primary rolls a D20 modified by +number of players, + Turn. So for example 5 players the first roll will be D20+6. If a shuttle takes off, an additional unwanted attention roll is made.

Loot & XP:

Loot from the physical/data tokens are rolled for as normal.

Slain civilians can be searched for 1 action & carry 1d10 credits.

XP is gained as normal wth the following additions;

+5 for each member of the crew that escapes off the opposite side of the table.

+5 for each pirate (of any type) that is killed by the crew (max +30) 


Amazingly, a civilian pilot bested a Pirate Shock Trooper in melee. knocking him down & then rushing into his ship to take off!


My crew, led by Aroo Gah begins to make their run


2 members of my crew make it to a Physical Loot token & managed to unlock it!


Other loot was also getting unlocked & lugged as we continued towards our ship.


On turn 3 we had 3 ships lifting off, 2 due to being full & another which the pilot must have hit a wrong key on his computer!


One of my crew was revealed as a pirate & had to be slain.


After having Suggestion used on her, Yang found herself engaged by a First Mate & supporting crew. Not looking good!

She did manage to hold out for a couple of turns before succumbing. This provided enough time for my First Mate to snag another Physical Loot.

Dan found himself locked in combat with one of the security bots. It managed to knock out his Captain who was carried from the area, as well as sedating a couple of others of his crew.


Scott didn't fare very well, losing both his Captain & First Mate to the Pirates, they didn't survive.


The other 2 crews involved, I believe managed to do fairly well, they were at the far end of the table & were pretty much left to their own devices. They will have to comment.

My crew managed to steal away with 4 loot tokens (2 Physical & 2 Data), I lost Yang & had the other crewman prove to be a pirate. Everyone else got off the table.

Scott will be starting a new crew for next game, as his Captain Died in the encounter.

Dan I believe got 2 loot off? as well as his unconscious Captain.

Kurt & Craig I think also each got 2 loot, but they will need to verify.

Thanks for the game guys!






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    1. Thanks Matt, this scenario was mostly about rushing across the table, hopefully with a couple of loot tokens in tow. Otherwise the eventual swarming by the pirates would eventually overwhelm whomever remained