Sunday, October 22, 2023

Zomtober - Week 4

For my post of Zomtober this week, there are no zombies or survivors, but something else I add to the mix....terrain!

I was poking around Thingeverse & found some 3D tent files by Evan Caruthers. The link is showing some other files with furs, etc. 


I printed out 8, & was trying some different colours. The white & blue are meant to be plastic or blue tarps laid overtop to provide additional waterproofing.


I may go back & add some silverish swirls to the white 'plastic' sheets. While I appreciate that a tent really offers no protection from Zombies, it does provide protection from the elements & can save your life!

I also did a couple in more muted browns for use in Rangers of Shadow Deep & Frostgrave.


I also attending the fall 'Model Train Swap Meet', looking for some more usable pieces for Zombie Apocolpyse Games.

Although much of what was there was HO scale, I did find a couple sellers with 'O' guage

The following cars were $5 a piece & he then threw in the 5th car for free.

Another fella was ahead of me & snagged a couple of engines & some other cars. Of course other sellers had New cars & things, but I wasn't going to pay top dollar for things I was basically going to use in games.

Near the end of the search, I found another fellow who had a helicoptter for sale. This was also $20, so not a bad haul for $40 total.


This is my post for the Zomtober this week & we have 1 more post to go for this year. Thanks for following along!


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