Sunday, October 29, 2023

Zomtober - Week 5

As we succumb to the end of another Zomtober, I found what I believe are some wizkids figures that I repainted. 


Not sure where I got them, but they did look cool & to be fair, their original paint jobs were not too bad. However I did repaint them.


So for my final 3, I did up 2 First responders. A Police Officer & a SWAT member. I also had a 1 armed construction worker. So as I was painting these, I thought that it was very likely what would happen to a great many first responders, who attempt to quell the zombie hordes, only to fall & become part of them


The SWAT member & construction worker still need their bases finished, as I just had time to add the grit before adding them to todays post.

So that concludes this years Zomtober. Thanks for following along. 


  1. Great way to see the month's theme out sir! All great sculpts - where are they from?

    1. Thanks Dai, these are from the Horrorclix series of figures.