Friday, December 15, 2023

Stargrave - Plague Zombies

As we launch the Q37 scenarios in the next part of our campaign I needed to get a bunch of Plague Zombies painted up.

Luckily I have a pile of the Mantic plastic sprues of them. These are multi-part & can be built in various ways.


Which I did without thinking too much. I ended up gluing 2 helmets on as if they were 0 environment ones. Realizing it after the fact....well I went with it & am happy with how they turned out.


This is the first batch of what I am sure will be more as we progress in the campaign. These were speed painted. I went with grey outfits to represent station security types.


It would seem that while trying to control some of the infected, they too became infected. Speaking of the other infected, I was hoping to find generic civilians/scientist/doctor plague zombies, but my current searches have yielded little. Maybe some of you 3d modellers who may visit can run with this! This led me to my Zombicide figures where I painted up the inmates from Prison Outbreak.

They will be good generic plague zombies while I continue my search! The game is this Sunday, so looking forward to the insanity!




  1. Well we could all do with more zombies 👍

  2. I also have the Mantic zombies and a couple of boxes from the Zombicide Toxic Mall expansion to use as generic zombies.

    1. I have those as well, which are waiting in the winds to be done.