Friday, December 15, 2023

Stargrave - Salvage Tokens

 As we are about to begin using the Bold Endeavor & as I was reading through the Ship Maintenance, it got me thinking about creating some Salvage tokens, that crews could grab whilst on their adventures.

I made 2 sizes, small & large using scrap sprue & some leftover bits of PLA to represent cables.

Painted them up with a bit of weathering, you know what they say about one mans trash...

How these will work is that they will be randomly placed by the crews just like the data & physical loot. A crewman can then grab them by spending an action to pick them up. They will suffer the penalties of a heavy item & be slowed to half movement.

Now you say what about the big one? Well, that will require 2 crewmen to carry.

So, after lugging these 'spare scrap parts' back to the ship, how do they work?

They can be stored in the cargo hold. Small tokens will add 10 structural points if the engineer successfully makes his TN10 roll. Large tokens will add 20 structural points. These can be used after determining the result & seeing where the new structural total falls with regards to the Critical Thresholds. Players may then freely add the extra structure points.

I will be adding these to our next game (Sunday) to see how they are received by the gang. As we all are using well used (almost derelict) craft our ships only have 500 structure points to begin. This little project had reduced more sprue ending up in the trash & I have some ideas of some other piles & containers with scrap to use.

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